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Everest Treks is a trek to the base camp of the highest mountain in the world and is a trek for people looking for a genuine challenge in a territory that has been less travelled. Everest Trek is an unspoiled trail that is found on the  Nepal. Among the 8000 meter Himalayan peaks on the world, Mount Everest is the one that is most further to the east.

The Everest Trek trail is also highly explored compared to the other well known Himalayan territories of Nepal. The Everest Trek route has a number of panoramic views including the marvelous Himalayas and the waterfalls, and other highland forests. The different ethnic groups on the Everest Trek route are quite friendly and there is a variety of highland flora and fauna.  

A flight to Lukla which is the starting point of Everest Trek will set you on your way to your adventure. On the Everest Treks trail, there are quite a number of comprehensive views, landscapes, and cultures. In particular, the spectacular views of the Himalayas mountain ranges make the trek Everest adventure a rich and rewarding experience.

The Everest Treks region has been recognized as one of the 200 global eco regions by the World Wildlife Fund. This remote but beautiful trekking trail makes is a great region for adventure. Mount Everest offers people who love adventure quite a unique trekking experience and Everest Treks is quite a special trek.



Everest Treks Trip


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